We have a dedicated team that develops engineering products, utilizing SolidWorks and a range of FEA software. The products we develop help clarify technological concepts in a better way, and our design engineers develop unique, fascinating, and patentable products. Some of our successfully developed products are listed below.

1) Monopermute

Monopermute is a single piece wonder. Using several identical pieces, you can assemble six different 3D shapes—the trick lies in the way you arrange the pieces. You will need to think outside of the box and use your visualization skills to master the final assembly. This patented product is now available to purchase.

2) Clicky Swiveller

The Clicky Swiveller is the ideal product to understand the behaviour of magnetic field lines through different mediums, in this case air and iron core. This device works based on the user's pulsating input. This patented technology is currently in the mass production stage and soon to hit the market of the U.S and India.

3) Floating spiral

The floating spiral is a civil engineering wonder. The tensioned cables perfectly balance all the stairs of this device and if you disconnect any of the cables the structure will completely collapse. After understanding the principles of this device, you won't find it difficult to understand designs of structures and bridges. This product is currently undergoing some design finetuning.

4) Spinfun

If you are keen on understanding the physics behind gears, Spinfun is the right product for you. This mechanism produces fascinating motion. You will be able to understand why different parts of this mechanism behave the way they do by studying the physical laws that govern the gears. The detailed illustrations that come with this product help you understand the motion.

  5) Three wheeled robot

The three wheeled robot is our first robotic educational product. You will love to see various kinds of motion this robot is able to achieve. By understanding its working you will learn a lot about this robot.

6) Archimedean Spiral

This mechanism will amaze you with its ability to create four different curves. This patented technology converts a simple rotary motion into a three dimensional curve with the help of simple mechanical components like gears, nuts and bolts. This product is under the mass fabrication stage and ready to hit the market soon.