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'LESICS' was founded by Sabin Mathew, an IIT Delhi post graduate in 2012. At Lesics, we aim to provide quality engineering education. Our videos are designed to clear misconceptions, create a passion for engineering and explain complicated technologies in a simple way. Our aim here is to present people the so called 'tough engineering concepts' in a logical and simple way. Interactive videos are the answer for that. And we try to keep Mathematics at the bay in our articles & videos. We are located in India. We don't have a huge funding or corporate support. We are able to bring some positive changes to the world of engineering education thanks to our Patreon supporters. Please consider supporting us at Patreon.com page. Your support is greatly appreciated. It is really a refreshing experience to share to the world, what we learned through work. And we get more satisfaction, when we come to know that people have benefited from it. Thank you for your support!